A casual raiding, mature and friendly guild of mostly Austrailan players on the Dath'Remar realm.


Flame Wreath is a WoW guild on the Dath'Remar realm, we've been around since the start of WotLK expansion - our focus is casual raiding but we have players that enjoy all areas of the game.


We are a group of people that aim to get through and experiance the game content in a resonable time frame and have fun doing it!


We are not a raid-only guild and happily accept general players that are keen for a place to call home, as we're a pretty friendly bunch, some of us in real-life also, we tend to chat and joke around a bit and keep things light and happy. Drama was meant for the stage we like to keep it there.

Flame Wreath is an LBGTI friendly guild, we've got people of all kinds in the guild and we'd love to have you to.
If Flame Wreath sounds like a new home for you - find us in game or on discord.